Poreč - city by the sea in Istria, Croatia

The city Poreč (italian name is "Parenzo") is together with Rovinj and Pula one of the most important seaside towns of the Istrian peninsula. Especially for tourists Poreč offers a lot and is very famous for their hospitality and special venues. Visitors will find remarkable examples from the rich history of Poreč for instance from the Roman and Venetian period. Along woth the growing of fruits and vegetables the region is specifically famous for its vines ("Teran" and "Malvasian") and their fruity fresh and mild olives.

But for all of you who come in first place because of the sea, they will find a broad variety of water sport activities and nice romantic shores to rest and to enjoy the sun. Diving and Snorkeliing or Jet-Ski and boat trips are commonly available.

In the evening many restaurants and places invite to try local specialties from fish over seafood to a good and solid barbecue one can experience the delicious cuisine where the famous barbecue from the Balkans meets the mediterranian finesse.